We keep your data safe

No one wants to lose their business data at any cost. We have planned it all ready so that you don’t have to go through this painful process. We offer a very strong back-up feature to save your valuable data.

Login ID and Password

You can choose your login ID and password according to your choice and convenience. When you have your own ID and passwords it eliminates the risk of gaining access by unauthorized person. Password gets stored and verified using one to one hash key so that no one in your staff is able to see it. Just in case if you forget your password you can change it by Email verification method.


Auto log off facility is useful when we accidentally leave your personal information open on the computer screen. When you logout class Guru ends your session. If you are not active on your site for a specific time period it will automatically logout your session so that no one can browse it other than you if you forget to log out.


In our software your information is kept secure on your computer. You don’t have to worry about servers, hackers and internet connectivity.

About Company

Our market research shows that there no such kind of software solution for the small and medium sized education centers. Even if there is a solution it is not budget friendly.

So we have made it simple and economical.

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